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At ShopStyle Inc., our mission is to build a community where everyone is empowered to embrace their individual style.

The Perks

Shop & Save

Earn employee rates for 
Rakuten Cash Back on qualifying purchases.

Go Global

Connect with colleagues around the world from the US, Canada to the UK.

Eat Up

Enjoy free snacks and a weekly comped lunch at the office.

Be Well

We offer access to apps as well as free yoga and meditation sessions to support mental and physical health.

Work at

The Possibilities

Product & Product Design

Cross-functionally plan product offerings alongside the engineering team and develop brand launches, offer support and manage business impact.


Execute cross-channel content that acquires and engages members throughout the customer journey.

Brand & Creative

Development of ShopStyle Inc.’s brand visuals and strategy for 
a memorable and relevant 
look and feel.

& Business Development

Develop on-site partner strategy 
and drive affiliate and media
revenue growth through strategic management of over 600+ existing retail partners.

Engineering & 
Business Intelligence

Build and maintain high quality data reporting and product systems for our users to grow ShopStyle Inc. Create products using cutting-edge technology.

Strategy & Operations

Provide best-in-class white glove service to our clients from catalog onboarding, campaign strategy to execution, as well as develop and execute processes to support ShopStyle Inc clients, customers and internal teams.

On Inclusion

We Train Internally

To encourage a diverse talent pipeline and mitigate bias in hiring, ShopStyle Inc managers undergo training in structured interviewing and are encouraged to enroll in courses on the Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias.

We rally around BIPOC influencers

All casting proposals represent a range of attributes including age, ethnicity, size and physical ability. We hold quarterly roundtables to provide our creators with tips and tools for creating impactful content, as well as panel sessions on the importance of inclusive content.

We partner with diverse 
designers and brands

We make it a priority to increase exposure on our platform for designers and brands founded and/or 
led by people in historically underrepresented communities through our product and marketing initiatives. This includes representation in our marketing and brand creative, as well as surfacing products in 
our merchandise and trends experiences.

We represent all walks of life

In addition to facilitating workshops to ensure our marketing team approaches its work with a lens 
of diversity, equity and inclusiveness, we strive to give members of underrepresented populations at least 50% representation in marketing collateral, dedicated monthly editorials and increased brand representation sitewide.

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<ShopStyle is the world's leading fashion search engine/>

We are on the cutting edge of web technologies, giving you the opportunity to research and integrate new tools while building innovative products. Our website uses TypeScript on Angular 10+, powered by Node.js on our Express web framework, as well as server-based technologies with Angular Universal.

Our Backend REST API is powered by Java Sprint Boot Microservices that support tens of millions of API calls a month. The API supports the Collective Voice Creator Platform with a custom real-time analytics system.

Our Search is driven by machine learning technologies and powered by Elasticsearch. All of our systems are hosted on AWS.

Recent Wins

Fashion Awards Winner:

Best Influencer Partnership

Collective Voice, formerly ShopStyle Collective

Rakuten Marketing Golden Link Award:

Most Innovative Campaign

SHOPSTYLE & Collective Voice, formerly ShopStyle Collective

The Webby Awards Nominee:

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