Diversity & Inclusivity at ShopStyle
We are committed to creating a diverse team and culture with respect and inclusivity in the work environment. We are also committed to having diverse representation in our business with the goal to create social and economic equality.
ShopStyle stands with the Black community. We are committed to ending racism, beginning by looking inward and evaluating how we as an organization can be both inclusive and anti-racist. We support our @shopstylecollective influencer community as they promote change and ShopStyle.com will focus on bringing more Black owned business and brands to our site. This conversation is not easy, but we are here to move it forward.

July 1, 2020 | We stand by stop hate for profit
The Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color of Change, Free Press and Common Sense came together last week to launch the Stop Hate For Profit initiative. The group is asking Facebook to put measures in place to stop the spread of misinformation and hateful content on its platform. The Stop Hate For Profit initiative encourages all businesses to pause paid advertising with Facebook and Instagram for the month of July.

In our continued effort to operate ethically by proactively fighting against racism and hate, ShopStyle and ShopStyle Collective will suspend all ad spends and boosts on Facebook and Instagram from July 1-31. This includes pausing ad spends and boosts on both social platforms with our sponsored campaigns, ensuring that Facebook does not receive our payment for this period. 

When it comes to the content of our influencers, we want to clarify that our sponsored content and affiliate links are paid directly to our influencers and are not in partnership with any social platform. We do not share profits or in any way interact with social channels to power influencers’ shoppable content.  

We would ask you to think about the Stop Hate For Profit initiative when looking to boost or run Facebook ads in July.

june 12, 2020 | Letter from our General manager
Dear ShopStyle family,  

On June 1st we posted our support of the Black Lives Matter movement and shared our commitment to fight against racism, beginning by looking inward and evaluating how we as an organization can be both inclusive and anti-racist.

I acknowledge that ShopStyle has many shortcomings around diversity & inclusion, from our underrepresented Black and minority employee base to the limited number of Black and minority led fashion brands and businesses on our site. We are grateful for the thoughts and feedback from our employees and members on those issues - without it we would not know the full scope of the work we have yet to do.

Today, we’re reaching out to update you on what we have started, what we have done so far, and the initiatives we have put in place to move the conversation forward into action.

Over the past week we've been actively listening, learning and discussing what support and action looks like. As a result, we developed four committees with the charge to identify key problems, create solutions and set metrics to hold us accountable and push us forward in our goal to do our part in dismantling racism. These committees are focused on supporting diversity on ShopStyle and improving internal diversity.

Supporting Diversity in Influencer Marketing: As we mentioned in our blog post, we are actively looking into ways to build diversity in the influencer community through education, forums, press, campaigns and technology. 

We started by asking members across our organization to submit anonymous feedback on ways that we can better support Black and diverse creators (including Latinx, Asian, LGBTQIA and other under-represented groups) in the influencer space.

What we heard is that we need to improve our casting and recruiting processes, increase the number of Black owned businesses and retailers in our network, and address diversity within our own employees.  

Supporting Diversity on ShopStyle:  We realize we have not done enough to support and highlight Black and minority (including Latinx, Asian, LGBTQIA and other under-represented groups) owned businesses and fashion designers on ShopStyle and in our marketing.

Here are some ways we are changing this: 

  • Increasing the number of Black and minority fashion designers and/or businesses on ShopStyle.
  • Amplifying the personal stories on how Black and minority designers push the world of fashion forward.
  • Featuring and empowering more diverse influencers and models in our marketing.
Improving Internal Diversity: We acknowledge that we need to address diversity within our own internal team - especially when it comes to hiring and representing Black voices. We are lucky to be a part of Rakuten, where we have a newly formed region-wide Diversity & Inclusion Committee and are about to launch several employee resource groups, including Black professionals at Rakuten. These groups enable employees in our organization through the following ways: 

  • Ensuring we all live by Rakuten’s Diversity & Inclusion vision that “Inclusion Enables Innovation”.
  • Creating an employee sounding board to identify areas of concern and track feedback on our progress to resolve. 
  • Providing a support system for employees.
  • Highlighting obstacles to attracting, recruiting, and retaining diverse talent.
  • Promoting diversity, cultural awareness, respect, and an inclusive work environment.
  • Fostering professional development through mentorship, networking, education, and initiatives.
  • Increasing employee job satisfaction, morale, and productivity. 
‍‍Offering Financial Support: In addition to many ShopStyle teammates supporting causes on our own, we are proud to say that our parent company, Rakuten, donated to organizations with proven track records of enacting real change and advancing social justice.  

This is just a start. We hope that this gives you a look into the ways that we are committed to making a difference both within and beyond our company. We will continue to share updates here and we invite you to share your thoughts via the feedback link below. We hope that you will be a part of this journey with us.

Thank you, 

Alison Stiefel
General Manager, ShopStyle

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