Case Studies

September 3, 2019

Activating At Scale: A Total Platform Approach

The Challenge

A large e-commerce retailer wanted to increase brand awareness within our influencer network to drive new traffic and sales to their Women’s gifting category ahead of key holiday shopping dates.

The Solution

We launched a video gift guide campaign with a top influencer exclusive to our ShopStyle Collective influencer network. ShopStyle provided additional exposure through placements and email, placements and email, and included the retailer in our “commission boost” program which offers a higher revenue share to our influencer network at no extra charge to the retailer.

The Results

Sponsored content and promotions inspired increased organic content that ultimately drove higher converting traffic to the retailer before a key holiday sales period.

+66% higher than average conversion rates for cast influencers

$3.13 return on ad spend

+62% more clicks driven by the community

+16% increase in new to file shoppers

+15% more orders immediately before holiday season

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